See The Awesomely Bad Movie The Room This Saturday @ Clay Theatre

Movie poster from Wikipedia

Movie poster from Wikipedia

Oscar season is right around the corner; a special time to celebrate heavily overrated films and stare at a room full of people who have it better than you and are not affected by the economic recession.

But let’s be honest, the Oscars are too long, full of pretentious Hollywood actors (I’m talking to you George Clooney and Sean Penn; Sean we know you’ve been to Iraq and that puppet movie isn’t meant to be taken serious) and besides Joe Pesci’s “Goodfellas” speech for best supporting actor, full of inflated emotional speeches thanking a bunch of rich old white guys.

Sure, I understand that I sound like Old Man Wilson; someone who refuses to throw your kids’ baseball back to them when it goes over my fence (by the way, I won’t give it back). But, this blog is not about the Oscars — it’s about the cult-phenomenon for bad movie fans; “The Room.”

What’s “The Room” you ask? Well to that I say, “You are tearing me apart blog reader!” This film encompasses what every bad film needs; romance, suspense, drugs, football, that awkward kid from high school, cancer, belly button sex, wrinkling muscled asses and out of focus shots. If you have not heard of this film, just go to YouTube and you will be hooked.

The reason I am talking about this film is because I find it saddening that so many people turn away from a bad film just because, you know, it’s awful. Because what makes this film so special is the experience an audience member gets when they go to a midnight showing of this film. Since moving up to the Bay Area, I have been going to the Clay Theatre on Fillmore Street every second Saturday of the month to get my bad movie fill.

This is me urging all you readers to take the time out of having a life and join myself, some fellow Xpress staffers and friends this Saturday, Feb. 9 at 11:55 p.m. to understand the philosophy of “The Room.” I’m urging you to go because us, as film-goers who constantly hand out cash for sub-par major motion picture films, can have twice as much fun at a cheaper price and it’s not in fucking 3-D. I mean really, you’re telling me that you will have more fun watching “Silver Linings Playbook” than this masterpiece? If you said yes, obviously you have never been to a screening.

If you as a blog reader wish to join in on the fun, here are some items you will need for this journey; booze, a sexy red dress, a football, a tuxedo, long hair, booze and of course, spoons!

Look for a review of the event after Saturday and here are some other great terrible films that will make you laugh harder than whatever comedy came out this year.

  1.  “Birdemic: Shock and Terror”
  2.  “Shark Attack 3”
  3.  “Shark Attack In the Mediterranean”
  4.  “Black Ninja”
  5.  “Harsh Times”
  6.  “Poolhall Junkies”
  7. “Avatar”
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