If you look like “Walter” from the Godaddy.com Super Bowl commercial, apply to SF State next year

“Go gators!” — pic by Flickr user Dizfunkshinal

Super Bowl commercials have become an integral part of many viewers’ big game experience. But don’t worry, The Swamp isn’t going to bore you with another “top ten Super Bowl commercials” list. God knows there are enough of those out there. But, I would like to sit down and talk to you about my good friend “Walter.”

You may remember “Walter” from Go Daddy’s nerd-on-supermodel make out ad that has the internet talking (mostly negatively).

The ad, titled “perfect match,” is getting tons of negative attention. It was the one where Israeli supermodel, Bar Refaeli, has an up-close-and-personal spit-swapping sesh with pretty obviously not-supermodel, Jesse Heiman.


The ad, obviously designed to be shocking, didn’t phase this SF State student. I see that shit around campus all the time. Want to know why? Just check the SF State databook. There is an almost 2 to 1 female to male ratio here at SF State. That means our supermodel-ish ladies have to make some sacrifices when it comes to finding their mates.

It’s basic supply and demand economics. There simply aren’t enough straight dudes for straight chicks to be picky about whether or not their “Walter” has an extensive Dungeons & Dragons collection or not. Factor in that we don’t even have a football team, so most the buff guys are off at some other school, and SF State basically becomes a nerd’s paradise (check out our arcade!).


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