How to smoke weed in the dorms


“Damn gurl, this shit’s hella dank.” – Random girl from Flickr user ___ceresti__

If you’ve ever lived on campus, then you probably know where to find the designated smoking¬†area, or “DSA.” It’s the spot where all the cool, mostly underage, hipster kids smoke cigarettes and try to find their hook-up for the night after hours of binge drinking in Parkmerced. But there is another group of smokers that also populate this campus: stoners.

Stoners are probably not going to want to walk all the way outside to the DSA just to smoke a joint (you know, ’cause you’ve probably been couchlocked by this point). Most likely, they are going to find a way to smoke in their rooms without getting caught or stinking up the whole dormitory. For those who would rather blaze it on the couch while watching “How I Met Your Mother” or any of your favorite TV shows and movies, here are a few ways to smoke your personal, doctor issued, legal club bought medicine without having to leave your bean bag.

1. Jamaican Hotbox (happy birthday Bob Marley!)

Jamaican Hotbox is a technique where you turn on your bathroom shower to its hottest temperature until it begins to steam, then close the bathroom door. If you want some extra protection, stuff a towel underneath the door. Once the bathroom is hot enough, toke up and inhale. The smell of the marijuana will evaporate with the steam from the water. Turn on the bathroom vent or open the window if there is one and voila!

2. Dryer sheet + toilet roll = fresh laundry!

This technique will have your room smelling like a fresh load of laundry. Waterpipes, bongs, pipes, or any glass pieces are best for this technique. Attach a dryer sheet to one end of a toilet roll with a rubber band. Take a hit, blow into the open end of the toilet roll and BAM. The marijuana smell instantly transforms into fresh laundry smell. You can put a towel underneath the door if you want some extra protection.

3. Get off your ass and go to DSA.

If you don’t actually¬† feel like smoking in your room for whatever reason, legal or not, the DSA always smells like pot. Go make some new friends and roll a few blunts. When it gets too cold to be outside anymore, try the aforementioned techniques and that should keep you under the radar.

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