Valentine’s Day Social Media Drinking Game

For those who are not spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other for various reasons, don’t fret! Let me re-introduce you to a companion who will never disappoint: alcohol. Alcohol can make games more fun to play, people you hate less threatening and make you do things you’d never do sober, such as dancing on pool tables. However, it can also cause you to temporarily lose your dignity and morals (but who really needs dignity or morals on Valentine’s Day?). In any case, it’s another excuse of a holiday we can use to our advantage to drink our feelings away.

Here are the rules:

Take a shot:

1. Whenever someone on Tumblr reblogs pop culture valentine cards.

2. If the girlfriend posts nonchalant Instagram photos of flowers, gifts, or chocolate.

3. If a couple posts a “#tbt”, or “throwback Thursday” photo.

4. If couples hashtag how long they’ve been dating.

5. If couples post photos of themselves with a heart in the caption.


Chug, if:

1. Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend posts a depressing status about Valentine’s Day.

2. You see your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend with their new girlfriend/boyfriend.

3. You see a couple fighting in public.

4. A couple in a long-distance relationship reunite.

5. You get a random text from an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/old flame (2 drinks).

If you have the right amount of alcohol and play this game right, you should be drunk in no time. But, please know your limits and drink responsibly. No one wants to take care of the drunk douchebag who can’t handle his liquor.

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