Two Girls One Problem: Boobage

An example of boobs. Pic by Gil Riego Jr.

An example of boobs. Pic by Gil Riego Jr.

Say hello to the first Two Girls One Problem, where two lady editors of the Golden Gate Xpress will share their feelings on day-to-day girl problems for your enjoyment. But don’t worry these aren’t some sappy girls who want to talk about heavy flows and wide-set vaginas (well, I guess that depends on the time of the month). These girls keep it real… almost too real.

Today’s problem concerns the two precious things that sit somewhere between your chin and belly button, yup those babies. Big, small, pierced or tatted, boobs are always a hot topic, not only for guys but also for us ladies, since we see them every time we look down. Elissa Torres and Ellie Loarca, sometimes mistaken for the same person, have decided to express their differing opinions on the world wide web. So here it is, read it, love it, hate it, burn it, WHATEVER.

[Elissa Torres, Art Director, enters stage right]

Being a “voluptuous” woman, there are certain things I can’t do and wear, which results in feeling self-conscious about my body, especially the juiciest parts of my anatomy. More specifically my 34 C chest.

I wear a bra 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because I feel like I have to. Yes, there are studies that say women shouldn’t wear bras to bed but for those of us who carry a full load on our chest, we have a fear of sagging. Now I’m barely 21 and probably shouldn’t worry my little head about this stuff, but it’s in the nature of a girl to constantly worry about our bodies.

Working out is also a struggle. A simple sports bra doesn’t keep those suckers down. I have to wear a regular bra and then put a sports bra over that one. It’s the only way my boobs won’t bounce up and down. Growing up dancing it was always a constant battle. My boobs would shake every direction possible, I even found myself placing my hands over my chest because the constant jiggling was too much.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my body and I truly feel blessed with what I have but sometimes I wish my bust was a little less busty.

Does this mean women with bigger breasts are disadvantaged? Uh no. Men and women alike would both admit there are tons of advantages to having a little more to play with. Women with curves have a lot more working for them. Yeah they have to wear bras, and yeah they have to worry about sag, but on the upside, girl you be looking FINE in that tight dress.

[Ellie Loarca, Campus Editor, enters stage left]

I on the other hand have a smaller breast size, rocking a 34 A — even though the women at Victorias Secret try to make me feel better about myself by telling me I’m truly a “30 B” even though they don’t even make that size.

I constantly hear my bigger chested friends telling me I have way more freedoms then they do. Which I guess I would agree. I can get away with free balling it in any shirt when I so wish to. High cut shirts and backless tops fill my closet because I know pesky bra straps won’t really be a problem. Any shirt that doesn’t clearly show my nipple is a yes. No nipple no problem. Some people may not agree, and say the sake of a bra is for modesty but when you’re rocking a size A… You’re body doesn’t exactly scream sex.

To be honest bras bug the shit out of me and yeah having the option of bra or no bra is awesome but having small boobs isn’t all fun and games. There are reasons why all the bras with cup sizes below C are padded as hell. Like the world is telling you, “dude, your boobs need to be bigger.”

I don’t wear low cut shirts or tight dresses because it just leaves something to be desired. I’m more of a Kate Moss than a Beyoncé.

Having smaller boobs means staying in shape, because unlike every other big titted girl in the world, when I gain weight it’s all bottom heavy. Nothing goes up top. And if you happen to watch Girls, having small boobs and a bigger bottom is awkward as hell.

In the end, love what you’ve got, every body has its own advantage and disadvantage but there are always ways to be sexy in the skin you’re in.

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