‘The Room’ Recap

Now that the weekend is over and we all have a case of the Mondays, it is time to reflect on the more enjoyable time that was two days ago. Please allow me to take the Monday humbug out of your butt and try to bring some cheer into our dull school schedules and recap what took place Saturday at “The Room.”


As I walked, well, more like stumbled, my way to the Clay Theatre with my dear old friends, I couldn’t help but notice the sign above. It was not the lights that attracted my eyes, but I found it very fitting that the words “5 Oscar Nominations” and “The Room” found their way onto the same sign. Only separated by a few words might I add. It was an omen of good fortune.

We approached the theatre, bought our tickets and continued to be the black market smugglers of booze. We found our seats and as we made ourselves comfortable, the song “I Will began to fill the theatre. For those of you that don’t know, this is a song that plays during the one of many six-minute sex scenes in the film. It really set the mood for this bromantic evening with my bros.

After a few “Room Trivia” questions that usually make me antsy and just want the film to start, the film began. If you have never seen the film alone, seeing it for the first time at a screening would prove difficult. No one shuts up, everyone is hammered and constantly yelling “Because she’s a woman!” So if it doesn’t bother you too much that you’re hearing a lot of drunken commentary, then hop on board.

Watch the video below and you may understand:

I cannot live without you Lisa! You are my future wife.

I did attempt to film some of it with my phone, but not realizing the level of inebriation, I talked way too loud. One nice little surprise was during Johnny’s birthday party, theatre employees snuck in and began throwing balloons all over the theatre. As if this film didn’t need more to make it such a realistic experience, the employees showed how much they care and feel sorry for people forfeiting almost two hours of their life away.

By the way, don’t do drugs or play football in tuxedos.

Peter really was done. He never shows up in the film again.

I hope to see you all next month, March 9, with plenty of spoons, footballs and partaking in belly button sex. So let’s go eat hah?


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