Secret Sex Spots on Campus

In the backrooms, bathrooms, and on the rooftops, SF State students are gettin’ down on campus like there is no (job) tomorrow.

On the third floor of the humanities building there is a men’s bathroom with an extra special attraction — a glory hole. The smaller-than-you-would-think hole connects two adjacent bathroom stalls (and maybe two young hearts?) together. The dark blue plastic walls are adorned with crude caveman-like drawings of the male anatomy, effectively turning the two stalls into a shrine to muscled dudes and their members.

The graffiti in this stall is a little different than your typical bathroom. Instead of tags and cartoons, there are dates, times and places written down for meet-ups. Also scribbled on the wall is “” — a gay meet-up website complete with smartphone app that uses your location to find interested guys near you. Basically, it’s like Grindr, but raunchier.

“Go to the fourth floor. Less busy,” one note suggests.


Here I am inspecting the glory hole. Pic by Gil Riego Jr.


Sometimes if you want to find people getting down, all you have to do is look up. Because everyone knows there is nothing that sets the mood like a full moon and some stars. The best view on campus? On top of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, obviously. It’s a spot several students say is good for a thrilling semi-public quicky. Some even choose to share their experiences on, a site that lets you geographically mark down where you had sex. One entry, marked down on top of the Cesar Chavez center says “We saw stars, literally.”


“I feel like I’m on top of the world, baby. Kiss me!”


We here at Xpress aren’t exempt from these impure thoughts. It turns out that making a newspaper is actually really stressful, and spending long hours working tirelessly next to your classmates can get a little boring. Oh, you know how it goes. You are just going to write one little story. OK, maybe two or three. Then you’re editing a video. A blog post of this, a tweet of that, and before you know it you’re on the couch in the back room banging your editor.

One Xpress staffer who says he had sex on the couch with a fellow student explained the situation. “We wanted something right then and there. We haven’t done anything since then. It was awkward sex. There wasn’t any magic short of penis in vagina,” he said.

Indeed, the couch in the backroom has gained an almost infamous status, branching out beyond its SF State home. An employee at a different San Francisco publication even warned me of the unsanitary nature of the couch. “If that gross couch is still in the corner of the lab, don’t sit on it, rats used to live in there!” she said. The rat infested couch was actually replaced, but the new one carries on its legacy.

_GIL0546 copy

The latest couch in the lineage of Xpress couches to carry the legacy. Pic by Gil Riego Jr.

Professors have even walked in on staffers messing around on the couch. One young lady, who a professor found horizontal with a fellow Xpress staffer explained, “Well, it was all kind of a spur of the moment thing. One minute you’re talking about television, the next you’re making out on a couch that’s probably seen far too much already.”

So, SF State, where do you get down on campus?



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  1. JD Feb 8, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

    The laundry room, the ethic studies and psych floor 2 bathroom, the kitchen in mp, handicap showers in mp/mw, piano room, upper floor staircases in both MP and MW, near the football field…

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