Out to Lunch: Red Rooster Tacos

Type: Mexican
Price: $
Speed: Under 5 minutes
Variety: 4 options, with choice of meats and veggies
Payment methods: Cash, card
The Omnivore Got: A Pollo Asado Burrito
I’m going to own up right away: I don’t like shredded meat that much. So I was already pretty happy with the food when they had multiple options for meat, including either shredded or grilled chicken.
The wait wasn’t long, it was under five minutes with a few people already waiting. The do accept card (thank goodness) and there was no additional tax on top of my $7 burrito which always makes me happy inside. No grease, and a really soft and warm tortilla burrito was delivered to my hands wrapped in foil.
My burrito had everything on it — cilantro, onions, sour cream, rice, beans, cheese and salsa. Mine was a mild sauce, and it was super delicious and not at all spicy. I really liked the taste of the cilantro in the burrito as well. The chicken was nice and tender, but there wasn’t too much of it, which I didn’t mind since there was everything else in my burrito to be eaten. Plus I’m obsessed with sour cream and there was just enough of it so you could enjoy the taste but not have it overpower everything else.
It was a little messy; I lost some rice and beans onto my jeans but it could’ve been worse. But I really liked the flavors and good balance of all the components of the burrito. I’m actually not huge on burritos but this one would keep me coming back.
Overall score: 4/5 – super delicious and an awesome burrito, but not the meal of a lifetime
The Vegan Got: Two Veggie Tacos
I freaked out a little bit when I saw the menu today. I follow a 100% plant-based diet (no meat, dairy or eggs) and try to keep it gluten-free whenever possible. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the menu options (tacos, burritos, quesadillas and tortas) had a vegetarian option. In place of meat, you can opt for a trio of grilled vegetables and beans. That kind of selection really warms my little vegetable-loving heart. A soft taco with grilled zucchini, squash, carrots and pinto beans sounded incredible, so I ordered two.
The tiny tacos were double-wrapped in soft corn tortillas, garnished with lime and set on a paper plate personalized with my name. It all set me back a whopping $4. I said yes to the optional onions and cilantro and chose hot sauce over mild. I’ll choose spicy over mild every time, heartburn be damned.
It was delicious! The tacos were way too full and making a mess, so I improvised: I separated the tortillas, resulting in 4 teeny-tiny, well-proportioned tacos. Genius move, if I do say so myself.
Overall score: 4/5. The selection for the dietarily selective was amazeballs, but the tacos were a drippy mess. I will totally be back next time they are on campus.
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