Fashion Eye in the Sky

In this digital age where people are instagramming everything they eat and everyone they meet, you should always be ready for a photoshoot. So every Tuesday I, Bryan Vo, fashion journalist, will be giving the SF State community the tough love you need to develop your style. Welcome to Fashion Eye in the Sky, where we take pictures of people on campus and let them know what’s hot and what’s not. Why are we doing this? Because fashion never sleeps, and quite frankly it’s time for SF State to wake the fuck up!


Photo by Virginia Tieman


So, he’s rockin’ the Ryan Gosling look. Seems cool for school. I see he’s up-to-date with the naked ankle. Gentlemen like him know what’s sexy! Especially, in the plaid short-sleeve and the boat shoe; it’s a win with spring flings yet to come.

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