10 Confessions from the author of the SFSU Confessions page

Some folks don't like hipsters.Screenshot by Maggie Ortins.

Some folks don’t like hipsters.
Screenshot by Maggie Ortins.

It seems as you look around school, everyone is trading their favorite “SFSU Confessions,” posts from the page where students share gems like “I wipe my roommate’s toothbrush on my balls,” and “Having a fuckbuddy in college is way easier than having a relationship.”

In honor of our new weekly feature showing the top ten confessions from the SFSU confessions page, we decided to turn the tables — we demanded some confessions from the site’s Admin.

Keeping with tradition of the page, we’re keeping the Admin anonymous. Enjoy!

Admin Confession #1, “Have you been in love?”

I’m actually and have always been single. I have not had a girlfriend. You know, it’s kind of funny, my brother who is a sophomore in high school has a girlfriend and I don’t. And it’s such a stereotype, of course, the runner of the confessions page doesn’t have a girlfriend. You know, it just hasn’t happened. It’s not like I haven’t talked to some cute girls. I’ve had some experiences.

Admin Confession #2, “Who’s your crush at school?”

I would say — I definitely don’t have any teachers I have crushes on. I don’t think it’d be impossible, but none right now. To the girl in my Com 150 class who sits in the back, I think you’re super pretty.

Admin Confession #3, “What are your desert island video games?”

I would take “Far Cry 3,” because that was on an island. And it was an amazing game. I’d have to throw in a “Call of Duty” somewhere. “Black Ops 2.” I’d definitely take one of the “Uncharted” games.

Admin Confession #4, “What’s your favorite music?”

Definitely Swedish House Mafia. I listen to a lot of EDM, I like rock… other stuff. I would say whatever’s on my YouTube… lets look at that…

(I mention I listen to a lot of video game remixes.)

Don’t even go there, I have video game soundtracks. I don’t know if you’ve played “Ace Combat 5?” I have all the Namco sounds. I have Zelda and Mario dubsteps.

Admin Confession #5, “What would you say to your most annoying friend?”

I really wish you didn’t think you were right about everything. I’m like ‘god damnit!’

Admin Confession #6, “What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done?”

The most illegal thing I’ve ever done was sneak into a movie. It was so dumb. It was “Saw.” Five, maybe? Freshman year in high school. I was too young to get in. There was a door on the side when a movie just got out… so we just went in through the side door and went in to our movie.

Admin Confession #7, “What do you drink?”

(I’ve) never been drunk, I don’t drink! For no reasons that are too crazy, I’m just really goal driven and goal oriented. I don’t think I can get to my goal if I’m drinking and stuff like that. I’m keeping my mind and my thoughts clean.

Admin Confession #8, “Who do you admire most?”

I’ll put it to you this way, the confessions page, is a test run of something to come. We’ll see.

Pull a little Mark Zuckerbeg you know. I will admit the day I saw (The Social Network) my life changed.

The fact that he pissed off the school, and came forward and showed the world something He changed the world. It’s something I’d really love to have under my belt one day. It’s not even the fact that he was rude to people, but it was so simple, and it started in a fucking dorm room, and became worldwide.

Admin Confession #9, “What’s your favorite post?”

Here’s a good example. Someone today said: “I really wonder whos in charge of this place?”
I wrote back: “To whoever wrote this, the answer is simple: the illuminati.” And I spelled it wrong, but someone posted in reply, “And the illuminati would spell it wrong to throw it off.”
That was funny. I laughed at that.

Admin Confession #10, “From the posts you see, if SF State were a person, what would they be like?”

It would be a very funny person, that definitely needed help. Definitely in need of a few visits to the local mental hospital.


Make sure to check out our new feature showing the top ten SFSU Confessions each week, coming soon. 

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